What’s It Take To Join?

Bagpipe Practice

To join the band you must first know how to play the pipes or the drums, Second you must be able to play the band tunes to grade 5 or 4 standard.  If you can’t play but want to join the band don’t despair we can get you started.

For piping all you need is a beginner book and a practice chanter. For drumming a practice pad and sticks are essential. If you want to progress faster we can put you in contact with some great private teachers.

Being a part of the band means showing a willingness to be an active participant, working to improve your skills as a piper or a drummer and being involved in the community. You do not have to be from the law enforcement community but you will be representing the Sherman Police at many events. We do ask that you support the work of our officers in the community and uphold the highest personal standards while in uniform.